In My Stash: Araucania Nuble

Update: Click here to see what I made with this yarn.

One of the highlights of our trip to St. Louis was a stop at Knitorious. I’m lucky to have a couple of nice yarn shops nearby, but that store ruined me for many other shops. It’s amazing. My favorite part is that they have lots of skeins of each colorway on the shelves. I know many stores will order more skeins for you, but there’s something comforting about seeing all of the skeins you’ll need in-stock.

My favorite purchase from this store was three skeins of Araucania Nuble yarn (you can buy it online here). It was a bit of a splurge for me, but I loved the colors and – hey – it was vacation. 🙂

araucania nuble yarn

I was initially drawn in by the colors (Colorway 06) – pink, blue, and purple have been my favorites since I was little. A girly-girl forever. These turquoise, violet, and fuschia jewel-tone shades were just too beautiful to pass up.

araucania nuble yarn

Texture is also a big factor for me – my precious princess skin is sensitive to some wool blends. I suspect I have a mild allergy, which is rather inconvenient for this hobby. In any case, this yarn is no problem for me: 75% Extra Fine Merino, 25% Silk.

araucania nuble yarn

The plan for the yarn at this point is to use it for the Glitz at the Ritz shawl. I bought a package of Bead Treasures Beach Party mix to use on this project.

I’m really, really excited to get started. So many queued projects, so little time. My current project? Even more cable knitting, my most ambitious one yet. Can’t wait to share it!

Fun Stuff

St. Louis Road Trip

I have been patiently waiting to visit the display for the contest that I entered. Entrants get to attend a special preview of the contest exhibit before it opens to the general public. I’m so excited to see all of the entries and get more ideas for future projects. (As if I need any – my Ravelry queue and favorited patterns list are out of control.) And, of course, I’m looking forward to seeing my own projects on display. The organizers do a great job of arranging the entries – they make even my little old FOs look special. 🙂

Lately, I have been busy with… life. In the midst of the transitions (all good ones!), the husband and I managed to sneak in a quick getaway to St. Louis. He had certain attractions on his wish list, which I was happy to accommodate in exchange for a visit to one of mine:


For fiber crafters, Knitorious is a magical place. I found it through a quick Internet search for a yarn shop to visit while on our trip. It is located in a cute neighborhood that’s comprised of a friendly mix of residences and small restaurants/shops. The charming area, which is full of nicely maintained brick buildings, is fun to drive through even if you don’t have a specific destination in mind.


I went in with no agenda – my only consideration was that I don’t have access to very many nice, finer-than-worsted fibers locally. From the moment I walked in, I couldn’t believe the level of service that this place provides. From yarn and pattern-selection help for beginners, to advanced-technique classes, this place has you covered. I took my time while shopping, and was pleased that the women working here were extremely helpful without being pushy or making me feel rushed. They were quick to point out knitted samples of the yarns that I was considering, which I appreciated. And, their clearance section is absolutely incredible. Lots of bargains to be had if you aren’t shopping for anything in particular.


My haul:


More on these when I figure out what to do with them. One of the women in the shop pointed out that stash yarn purchases, much like calories, don’t count when you’re on vacation. I’m so glad that my husband was within earshot at that point. 😉

Also on the agenda: the Missouri Botanical Garden. This is easily one of the most beautiful botanical collections/facilities that I have ever seen, and that is saying something. (I make a point to visit places like it wherever I go.) We spent several hours there, and didn’t even get close to seeing/properly appreciating everything that it has to offer. I felt like we could have easily spent another entire day there. In short: GO.

botanical garden

The visit gave me the opportunity to enjoy another of my favorite vacation activities: taking closeup pictures of flowers. It is mystifyingly entertaining to me.


lily pad inspiration photo


botanical garden

Of Flowers.

botanical garden

We also did some of the other usual suspects, including: The Gateway Arch

gateway arch

The Old Courthouse

old courthouse

The Cathedral Basilica


And a brewery tour.

brewery tour

All thoroughly enjoyable. Our only regret is that the Cardinals weren’t in town. Next time!