Birthday Filet Crochet

Say ‘Hello’ to a quick post about a crochet project inspired by a certain cartoon kitty. 🙂 In honor of my sister’s birthday today, I’m explaining a project that I made for one of her previous birthdays.

Saying this girl is a huge fan of the character is an understatement. So when I wanted to make something just for her, I knew exactly where to start.

I absolutely love filet crochet – it’s so much fun to see a picture appear in thread. I have created quite a few filet designs from photos. I will share more details about my technique in a later post. Basically, I use design software to create a grid over a photo, and then fill in the squares where appropriate. It’s incredibly tedious, but I like the results much better than the ones I can get from a program that generates designs automatically.

Luckily, that wasn’t necessary for the birthday project. I was able to use an existing cross stitch design, which I adapted for crochet. Hint: If you can’t find a filet pattern for something you are looking for, do a Google image search for a cross stitch pattern instead. So if, for example, you are looking for a filet crochet pattern featuring a kitten, search for “cross stitch pattern kitten.” You might at least find a design that you can use as a starting point.

Note: I don’t know the original source for the kitty cross stitch pattern I mentioned in this post, which is why I haven’t added a link and why, out of respect to the original designer, I chose not to upload a photo of my own project. Thanks for understanding. 🙂