More Knitting in the News

I just read another awesome article about the power of knitting, crocheting, and other forms of crafting. It’s nice to see some more recognition of what we’ve always known. πŸ™‚

The article is here on CNN (it’s called “This is your brain on knitting”), and there’s a good discussion about it on the Knit Picks Facebook page.

I’ve been working on projects intermittently – it’s been such a crazy couple of weeks! I’m hoping to finish my sparkly broomstick lace scarf soon – a picture of my progress is on Instagram. I’ll share yarn details in an upcoming post!

Broomstick Lace

Fun Stuff

What to “Watch” While Crafting

I think it’s a sign of the times that silence is uncomfortable to many people. Most of us are trained multi-taskers who are used to constant bombardment with communication in various forms. I know this is true for me. It’s rare that I can sit in silence, focused on a craft project.

TV Crafting

This leads to turning on the TV for “background noise,” occasionally picking up bits of the plot of whatever show or movie happens to be on. More often than not, I simply switch to Netflix to watch a marathon of a TV show I have already watched and love. That way, I won’t have to worry about missing out on anything if I’m not paying close attention – I already know what happens. Among my favorites for this purpose: How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Sports Night, and my beloved Downton Abbey. (Oh Downton Abbey, why must I wait until January for the next series? WHY?!?)

I’m always open to new suggestions, though. Do you have any go-to shows that you can “half-watch” while crafting?


Between-Meal Crochet Marathon

Starting a new pattern is exciting, but there’s also a certain amount of apprehension involved. There are always challenges, and sometimes the things that are difficult take me by surprise.

My current crochet project, the Between-Meal Centerpiece, has been a test of endurance. By one fellow Raveler’s count, there’s even a round that has more than 1,300 stitches. I haven’t yet reached that round, but I dread it now that I know it’s on the horizon. πŸ™‚

Between-Meal Centerpiece

Something that I find striking about this pattern is that it seems to have multiple personalities. Parts of it are frilly and lacy, parts of it are surprisingly modern – the chevrons could be ripped right from patterns created in the past few years, for example. These different styles are definitely emphasized by the fact that I have chosen to separate the pattern “sections” with different threads.

Between-Meal Centerpiece

The gray sections are Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread in Silver, and the white with metallic isΒ J&P Coats Metallic Knit-Cro-Sheen in White/Silver. The silver Aunt Lydia’s seems softer than other colors of the same brand, but it may just be that it seems soft compared to the metallic thread. I’ve never worked with the J&P before. It’s stiffer than I’m used to, and the metallic strand makes the thread twist badly as I work. That being said… it sparkles. Oooo, shiny. So there’s that.

Between-Meal Centerpiece

These photos were taken while I was on round 36… I’m a bit farther now, but not much. I think this thing is going to need some serious blocking, which can’t come soon enough for me!

Between-Meal Centerpiece