Detangling Yarn

Happy Saturday! I had grand plans to work on some projects around the house this weekend,  but found myself sick again. It seems that every time I’ve come in contact with a sick person in this final trimester, I’ve caught the bug. I’m grateful I haven’t experienced anything too serious, but also glad there are only a few weeks left until the little one is here.

When I’m under the weather, simple projects are best. One such project is this huge mess of lace-weight bamboo that I’ve been trying to detangle. After an unfortunate attempt to wind it, I thought this was a lost cause. But slowly, as I’ve had time, I’ve been working it into a usable form. It’s definitely more effort than this yarn is worth, but I’ve actually found it to be a little relaxing to turn something unworkable into something I might actually be able to use.


Apparently this is something that others find enjoyable too, because I’ve read a couple of articles (Wall Street Journal and Indie Untangled) within the last couple of months about yarn detanglers. When you have a hopeless mess of tangled yarn, how do you handle it? Toss it, try to fix it yourself, or call in someone who loves to detangle?

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