Knitting Groups: Have You Joined One?

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I’ve never belonged to a regular knitting/crocheting group. I used to get together with a group of friends to work on various types of craft projects (mostly scrapbooking), but we drifted apart when, well, life intervened. I also hang out with crafty family members, which is so much fun.

But I do feel a little disconnected from the fiber crafters in my area, and it seems like a missed opportunity. I’d love other chances to meet others in the area who love yarn as much as I do! Apart from special events (which I haven’t attended for a long time) and the instances mentioned above, most of my crafting time happens with the husband, Netflix and the cat (when she deigns to grace us with her presence) for company.

Some crafters I know have to really concentrate on their projects when they’re working on them, and it can be tough for them to carry on a conversation. I can relate to this on some projects, so I think I’d have to pick something fairly simple/repetitive for a group meet up.

This is really just a long-winded, rambling way to ask: What has your experience been like with your local knitting or crocheting group?

4 thoughts on “Knitting Groups: Have You Joined One?”

  1. I have not joined a knitting group, but have often thought I would like to – I enjoy my book group, and read things I never would have otherwise. And I have joined two “alongs” and enjoyed them both – one fairly short term to crochet a blanket, the other a longer commitment – the Knitting Sarah’s Socks with Sarah knit along, which is going on all year. I get to work as you do – with TV and cat, but am part of a bigger group. Too bad you don’t live nearby, we could start a group!

    1. Yes, that would be fun! I’m lucky to have groups in my area already, so I don’t have much of an excuse. My main barriers to joining are that they meet during inconvenient (though not impossible) times, and they often meet at stores. I’d feel really bad about knitting/crocheting at a store with yarn purchased elsewhere.

      1. That would be tough – unless you bought the pattern there or something – but maybe you could ask the proprietor about it – perhaps they would rather have you there and knitting and seeing their goods than not there at all?

  2. I agree with Salpal1….check the website of central Iowa knitters….I think they have a group, and it does meet in WDSM (I think). I know a couple of gals who go to other knit groups outside of the one at OLIH. If I see them, I will ask them. You are right, I have to have a simple project because I get too unfocused on what I am doing. GMA

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