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Out and About

I went out for a quick shopping trip today, and found this crocheted skirt. It wasn’t flattering on me, but I thought the design was interesting.

photo 1

The bottom edge was especially pretty. I bet I could make something like this if I had the inclination…

photo 2

Here’s a closeup of the main stitch pattern:

photo 3

I also enjoyed this sign… well, they’re not wrong.

photo 4

And finally, HobLob attempted to put me in the Christmas spirit, but I wasn’t into it.

photo 5

4 thoughts on “Out and About”

  1. Do you think the skirt was hand made or machine made? I can’t really tell from the photos. It is a very cool design idea, though, I agree! It would look great in a lovely color, too. Though the white is pretty for summer.

    1. It was definitely machine made. I also forgot to mention that there was only one of these left, and there was a hole in the lace. I probably could have repaired it, but I didn’t like how it looked on me enough to do it. Wish it had been available in a darker color!

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