A Study in Contrasts

My most recent projects are on opposite ends of my fiber-crafting ability spectrum. He’s a little bit bulky-weight and knit, she’s a little bit cotton thread and crocheted.

Crochet and Knitting Projects

I ran out of thread while in the middle of one project, and had to wait until my order for more arrived. (Booooo. Hisssss.) In the midst of the waiting, I started the other. This is rare for me – I prefer to work on my projects one at a time. I usually work until completion, even when the project gets mind-numbingly boring and I reach what I like to refer to as my “point of despair.” As in, “Will this project EVER be done? I cannot make one. More. Stitch.” But then I do, and eventually it gets finished.

Crocheting and Knitting Projects

The thread crochet project is the Wild Rose table runner by Elizabeth Hiddleson, which I waxed poetic about in a previous post. I’m making it with Curio thread in Comfrey. I bought the thread without a project in mind – you’ll definitely need two balls of it for this table runner.

Crocheting Project

My “killing time” project is a GAP-tastic cowl made with Brava yarn in bulky. (Noticing a theme? Both this and the thread are from my amazing box of yarn.)

Knitting Project

It seems that many knitters/crocheters work on several projects at the same time, so I’m curious – am I alone in only working on one project at a time (most of the time)? Which do you prefer – working on several projects or just one, and why?

7 thoughts on “A Study in Contrasts”

  1. I love your color choices for these projects, they look really nice together. As for projects, I generally have one complex project going (sweater or a shawl) and one simple travelling project going (socks or a scarf). I like having a bit of a challenge for when I have time and some good old fashioned mind clearing projects for things like commutes and decompressing.

    1. Thank you very much – it was a happy coincidence that the colors work nicely together. 🙂 I like your strategy for works in progress. That is one problem I have – if I’m working on something big or complicated, it’s not very portable. I like being able to throw a project in a bag and go!

  2. I work on several at one time. I’m crocheting scarves for the troops, a baby blanket and scented washcloths. I like to mix things up…LOL

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