My Knit and Crochet Supply Bag

In my knit and crochet gift ideas post, I mentioned that I use the Thirty One Timeless Beauty Bag to store my knit and crochet supplies. Take a look at how well it works for craft supply storage.

Timeless Beauty Bag for knitting and crocheting

The bag folds out into three separate sections. The two end sections have large, transparent zippered pockets that make it easy to see what I have stored in each one. My interchangeable circular needle set fits perfectly into one of these pockets.

Timeless Beauty Bag for knitting and crocheting

The center section, which  is intended to hold makeup brushes, features some elastic loops. They work fairly well for holding sets of medium-size needles. I do have a few longer needles/hooks that I can’t keep in this section, but they are used so rarely that it’s not really a problem. Smaller needles might be tough to store in these loops too.

Timeless Beauty Bag for knitting and crocheting

The strap that fastens the bag shut is elastic too. So, if you tend to overfill your supply bag a little bit, the strap will stretch to accommodate the extra stuff.

Timeless Beauty Bag for knitting and crocheting

You’ll also see that one of the handles has a clasp, so you can hang it up easily by the handle. I have seen people use this same bag on the backs of car seats for road trips. Plus, it allows you to hang it up on hangers in hotels that can’t be removed from the closet bar. In my case, though, it’s an instant craft station. 🙂

Timeless Beauty Bag for knitting and crocheting

I’m not a consultant – I just really like using this brand’s bags as storage for my craft supplies! In an upcoming post, I’ll show you how I use the Organizing Utility Tote as a project bag.

4 thoughts on “My Knit and Crochet Supply Bag”

  1. A great bag. I really like it. One thing I’m not keen on though is the way you can buy it. I’ve done my share of “parties” and I don’t feel like hosting another one.
    Great product though. I wish I could just buy one without having to organize a party.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. I happen to know a couple of consultants, so it’s pretty convenient for me to order without having to host (or even attend) a party. But I definitely see where you’re coming from, and it would be very handy to be able to place your own order directly!

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