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Between-Meal Centerpiece Wrap-Up

I realized that, despite several updates about my Between-Meal Centerpiece project, I haven’t yet posted the final pics. Here it is, in all its glory. And by that, I mean it’s glorious that it’s finished. 🙂

between meal centerpiece

As much as I like giving my projects as gifts, this one is for me. I love the colors, I love the size, I love the design.

between meal centerpiece

The only thing I don’t love? My serious lack of blocking skills. I try and try, but I still need improvement.

between meal centerpiece

In fact, most of the critical comments I got during judging for the contest (on several pieces) were related to my blocking. I think I’m just impatient to complete the project and don’t spend enough time on the blocking process. Any helpful hints or advice? What’s your blocking method?

between meal centerpiece

This one got a second place ribbon at the contest. Here it is on display – you can also see a hint of one of my other projects peeking in at the right:

between meal centerpiece

See this project on Ravelry:

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