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Stained Glass Granny Square Afghan

I wasn’t planning to share another granny square project so close on the heels of my gingham baby blanket post, but the feature on stained glass crochet projects over at Crochet Concupiscence made me want to share my own.

stained glass crochet

If you’re active in online crochet sources, you can probably spot the inspiration for this one right away. Like many, many other crafters, I’m a big fan of JulieAnny’s Stained Glass Afghan Square by Julie Yeager. It’s a lovely design with textured details that I just had to try.

stained glass crochet

I made some modifications to the original design to add more of a “linked” appearance between the squares, but the spirit of the design remains the same.

stained glass crochet

I chose really bright, fun, happy colors in two shades each. I was originally just using the pink, yellow, and blue shades (it had a CMYK thing going for it, which I loved), but it needed an additional color to work for the size I had in mind.

stained glass crochet

This one got a third place award in the contest. I’m honored. 🙂 And speaking of the contest, and stained glass afghans, here’s an afghan that I loved from that contest. The creator’s name (NOT ME) has been cropped out to respect privacy, but if it’s yours and you want credit, let me know! Here’s the pattern on Ravelry if you’re interested. How beautiful are those shades of pink and green?!

stained glass crochet

See my project on Ravelry:

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