Picking a Yarn Color Palette

The KnitPicks blog published a post recently about color inspiration, and it struck a chord with me. Both my personal interests and professional life have, in various capacities, involved the use of color and the selection of color palettes.

Up until now, I haven’t really employed many of my favorite color selection techniques in my knitting and crochet projects. My choices often just come down to what combinations seem appealing to me while I’m standing in front of the yarn display. I decided to do a little exercise in color selection based on one of my favorite recent photos. This is one of my beloved floral closeups from my St. Louis trip.

lily pad inspiration photo

I picked one of the tools recommended in the post, the TinEye Labs website, to help me identify the key colors in the image. It’s incredibly easy to use – just upload an image from your computer and wait for the results. A screen capture of the results for my image is below. It shows the original image, a pixelated “color map,” and the color palette that the program puts together based on your upload.

Lily Pond TinEye Labs

From there, I selected a few appealing colors and matched them with shades of Palette yarn. They are (clockwise from upper left) Pumice Stone Heather, Lady Slipper, Bittersweet Heather, and Edamame. I really like how this little exercise turned out! I never would have combined these colors on my own. This color selection method would give you a fun way to pick a color palette for a memorable project.


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