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Contest Recap

The contest is done, the results have been tallied, and my FOs are once again in my possession! The preview night was wonderful – I thoroughly enjoyed being able to tour the display with my fellow knitting and crocheting (and sewing and quilting) enthusiasts.

All the cool kids head upstairs.


I’m planning to assemble a series of posts to highlight my entries, provide pattern/inspiration sources (if applicable), and give tips and tricks for creating each one yourself. In the meantime, here is a quick by-the-numbers glimpse of how I did, plus a peek at some of the exhibits.

My Contest Entries, by the Numbers

  • 20: Number of my total entries
  • 17: Number of my crocheted entries
  • 3: Number of my knitted entries
  • 13: Number of my entries that received an individual award
  • 0: Number of my award-winning entries that were in knitting categories 😉
  • 3: Number of Honorable Mentions received
  • 3: Number of Fourth Place awards received
  • 1: Number of Third Place awards received
  • 3: Number of Second Place awards received
  • 3: Number of First Place awards received
  • 1: Number of Sweepstakes honors


I am so honored to be recognized. The displays are lovely, and the check-in/checkout process is incredibly smooth. How fortunate to have such a wonderful contest where I can display my own work and admire the amazing work of others! I’m already organizing my Ravelry queue with project ideas for next year’s contest. Okay, full disclosure, I had a couple of pieces done before the beginning of this year’s contest. It’s never too early to start! 🙂


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