Finished Objects

Contest Turn-In

Tomorrow, I’ll be packing up all of my crochet and knit entries and turning them over for judging. The ends are woven in, the FOs are blocked, and the tags are labeled and carefully pinned in place. Nothing left but to actually transport them. Twenty pieces (eek, I know!), which I have been working on all year. I can’t wait!

Projects like this:

Erin Shawl

and this:

Sinead Throw

and of course, who could forget this:


I’m so excited to share more about these projects and my other entries. I realized after I uploaded these photos that I picked neutral-colored pieces, but rest assured that I have plenty of colorful entries, too. In the meantime, I’m frogging my Haruni shawl (in Chroma Lollipop) yet again and starting over. Fingers crossed that this attempt is the one to keep!

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