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Sneaky Centerpiece Update

I’ve been holding out on you. I created another thread crochet project in the same colorway as my Between-Meal Centerpiece. I just love the pearly gray thread paired with the crisp white/metallic one, and it happened to coordinate with the wedding colors of its recipient. This one is Peacock Pride from Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies by Patricia Kristoffersen.

Peacock Pride Doily

The recipient actually told me that she would love for me to make something as a wedding gift. I was so flattered! I tend to get very shy about giving handmade gifts. They (handmade gifts in general, that is) seem to have gotten such a bad reputation, but I personally love getting them and hope others feel the same.

peacock pride doily

The majority of the doily is made with the Silver Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Cotton, with the last round in the white/silver thread. Since I was running out of the white/silver (and the store was closed – boo!) I omitted some of the picots from that round.

peacock pride doily

I gifted the doily over the holiday weekend, and she loved it! Whew. It’s so much fun to create projects for people who I know want them and appreciate them.

peacock pride doily

I also hear that this particular doily makes a good napping companion.

peacock pride doily

P.S. I shared this project on the Petals to Picots link party, and you should join too!

See this project on Ravelry:

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