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My First Knitting Project

aka, Proof That I Make More Than Doilies. Don’t worry, I have many, many more doily projects to share. I’ve been on a roll! But for the sake of variety, I thought I’d back up a bit and share my first completed knitting project.

Cable Knit Scarf

I started to learn how to knit in January – during my short vacation for the New Year – having resolved to finally do so as a sort-of resolution. (Does it still count as a resolution if it involves something that you are really looking forward to?) After countless practice pieces, online tutorial views, and “here goes nothing” moments, I was ready to start on my first real project: a cabled scarf.  (Pattern here.)

Cable Knit Scarf

Cables are the real reason that I was finally compelled to learn how to knit. There are some patterns that can simulate the look of cables in crochet, but although they are beautiful, to me it just isn’t the same. And, as you can see, this pattern is full of them.

Cable Knit Scarf

There are certainly mistakes in this first attempt, but overall I’m happy with it. I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my knitting skills lately – I have lots and lots of crochet projects to prepare for an upcoming local contest turn-in deadline. I have completed a few other projects since this one, and I’m excited to keep learning.

Babycakes Creates Domain

P.S. Babycakes Creates has its own domain, so will now direct you here. You can, of course, still access the site from

Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend!

See this project on Ravelry:

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