New-to-Me Doily Patterns

This isn’t really much of an update. But I had to share that this came in the mail for me:

Doilies with a Twist by Patricia Kristoffersen

I fell in love with Patricia Kristoffersen’s doily designs after buying Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies, and I have already made so. many. things. from that book. Exhibit A, Pineapple Song:

Pineapple Song by Patricia Kristoffersen

After tracking down a copy of Doilies with a Twist online, I couldn’t wait to get it. Kristoffersen’s designs are indeed gorgeous, and have fantastic texture to them that you don’t find in many designs. Plus, I have always had good luck with her patterns – the instructions just make sense!

Patricia Kristoffersen Pattern

I’m not sure why I have been on such a doily/thread crochet kick lately (Between-Meal Centerpiece = DONE), but my latest pattern purchase will keep me busy.

See my Pineapple Song project here:–best-2

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